Same Vibration

With driving rhythms and positive messages, Same Vibration performances empower their audiences. Their new release “Bowl of Fruit” is funky upbeat culmination of Same Vibration’s energetic sound and diversity, while showcasing their humor and joy.

Same Vibration’s funky repertoire, mixed with ethnic world rhythms, are the essence of their unique musical style.

Same Vibration came together in the fall of 2008 in Copenhagen when Didi Levy, lead singer and songwriter assembled the band.
The band's members come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, creating a very multi-cultural sound. They played locally in Copenhagen and festivals in Denmark and in 2011, began touring internationally.
In 2014, Same Vibration brought their live energy into the studio and released the album “Everything is Connected” and are currently working on their new album, “Shine”.

Same Vibration has built up a steady and loyal fan base and constantly keep their audiences challenged with new sounds and improvisational journeys. Every show is unique in terms of song selection, special guests and musical surprises, while Same Vibration’s unique sound shines through.